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Plane Spotting Around Hoover Dam and the Lake Mead Overlook
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Hoover Dam and the Lake Mead Overlook are located east of Boulder City along Highway 93. Lake Mead Overlook is on the Nevada side of the river, about a mile before the dam, and the Dam Overlook is located on the Arizona of the river, just at the top of the hill. There two sites provide safe places to pull of the pavement and do a little plane spotting where the drone of helicopters and fixed-wing tourist aircraft often drowned out the sounds of traffic. The standard approach to McCarran International Airport passes these site too. Public restrooms are located "behind the bushes" at the overlook, but there are outhouses at the Hoover Dam Overlook.

The skies over these two sites often are busy, but the best viewing is on the weekends.

Hoover Dam overlook
Hoover Dam Overlook at the top of the hill on the Arizona side of the dam (view west).
Lake Mead Overlook
Lake Mead Overlook on the Nevada side of the dam (view northeast).
Dam Helicopter N58140 Scenic Air, N2285A

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