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Plane Spotting Around the North Las Vegas Airport
Gus Sabo Memorial Park
Plane Spotting, Aircraft Around Las Vegas

The North Las Vegas Airport (VGT) Plane Spotting Park, also known as the Gus Sabo Memorial Park, is located on North Decatur Blvd, just north of North Ranch Dr., on the northwest corner of the airport (see map below). The park provides picnic tables, drinking water, and shade trees. Public restrooms are located at the North Las Vegas Terminal, just south of the park on Rancho Dr.

The NLV Airport, the second busiest airport in Nevada with almost 250,000 flights annually, provides an active airport with a small-town feeling for plane viewing. People are excluded from the airport grounds by a stout iron fence, but the park is elevated so the fence doesn't block the view. The spotting area is located near the intersection of two runways (Runways 7/25 and 12R/30L), so spotters are quite close to passing aircraft. The view from the park is generally south, so the better photo opportunities towards the airport are in the morning and evening.

Gus Sabo was an aviation enthusiast who managed the airport and encouraged people to learn to fly. The park and plaque were built in his memory after he lost his life in a plane crash.

North Las Vegas Airport
Gus Sabo Memorial Park; view when entering the plane spotting area.
North Las Vegas Airport
Runway and tower as seen from the plane spotting area. The tip of the iron fence can be seen in the lower left.
North Las Vegas Airport
Las Vegas Metro Police Department Heliport across the end of Runway 7/25.
North Las Vegas Airport
Gus Sabo Memorial in the center of the plane spotting area.
North Las Vegas Airport
Gus Sabo Memorial Plaque
North Las Vegas Airport
Runways and tower form the backdrop for the Memorial.
North Las Vegas Airport Map
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