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Desert National Wildlife Range Area Map
Hiking Around Las Vegas: Desert National Wildlife Range Overview Map

1. Joe May Road

2. Cow Camp Road

3. Hidden Forest Road

4. White Rock Road

5. Deadhorse Road (4WD only)

6. Sheep Pass

7. Alamo Road, Northern end

8. Cabin Spring Road

9. Alamo Road, Northern extension

10. Gass Peak Road

11. Pine Nut Road

12. Desert Campground

13. Sawmill Road (4WD only)

Note: Roads are black (solid = paved; dashed = unpaved). Trails and routes are red (solid = main; dashed = adjacent or alternate). Boundaries are green (wildlife refuge) and orange (bombing area). Map based on USGS 7.5 minute topo map. North is at the top.
Only public roads on the Desert National Wildlife Refuge are shown on the map; service roads are closed to private vehicles and are not shown.

The western portion of this map is on the Wildlife Refuge (green), but it is also part of the Air Force Bombing Range (orange) and is closed to the public. The entire Desert National Wildlife Refuge is much larger than is shown here.

The Alamo Road is open to the public, but is does not connect across Desert Dry Lake.

Happy hiking! All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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