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Birding Around Mount Charleston
Birding Around Las Vegas
Birding Around Mount Charleston

Around Las Vegas, Mount Charleston (more properly referred to as the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area) is the place to find species typical of the western mountains.

The Spring Mountains form the western border of the Las Vegas Valley (map). From the desert at elevations below 3,000 ft to the crest of the range at nearly 12,000 ft, the Spring Mountains support a variety of climate and vegetation zones, each with a characteristic flora and fauna.

Most local birders skip the lower elevations and head straight for the alpine forests, which for desert rats are a wonderful habitat: a place to seek refuge from the summer heat and share a few moments with mountain birds and other wildlife.

For More Information and details, including driving directions and information on the vegetation and wildlife, visit to the Spring Mountains Area Overview Page.

Birding Mount Charleston Map

Cold Creek. Springs in high-elevation desert scrub provide some of the only trees and water for birds. A spring higher up provides a good mix of habitats.

Deer Creek Picnic Area. A short walk leads to an ephemeral pond. When dry, walk into the picnic area to the stream. Again, water concentrates the birds.

Fletcher Spring. Hike 1.4-miles up Fletcher Canyon to a spring that attracts birds from miles around. The trail runs through mixed forests at 7,500 ft elevation.

Kyle Canyon. Towering cliffs and pine-fir forests at 8,000 ft elevation. Trails, roadsides, and residential areas provide birding opportunities.

Lee Canyon. Canyon surrounded by peaks and mixed pine-fir-bristlecone forests at 8,700 feet. Trails, roadside pullouts, and meadows to find montane species.

Mack's Canyon Spring. A 4-mile, fairly rough road lead to a spring behind Upper Mack's Canyon Group Camp. Water in the desert brings the birds in.

Stanley B Springs. Hike 1.2-miles to a spring that attracts birds from miles around. The trail runs through different forest types at 7,500 ft elevation.

Happy birding! All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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