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Ash Springs Rock Art Site
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Ash Springs Archaeological Site
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Ash Springs Archaeological Site


The Ash Springs Rock Art Site is an area of lightly desert-varnished boulders on a low hill overlooking the verdant Pahranagat Valley. Ancient people apparently liked the view, as they used the site as a winter camp. While there, they flaked stones, broke ceramic vessels, and etched the rocks with scenes of bighorn sheep, human figures, and intricate designs of all sorts.

The BLM and Lincoln County opened this area to the public, and Lincoln County printed a brochure with information about the site (including GPS coordinates) as part of their Get Primitive tourism campaign. Download the brochure from Lincoln County or snatch a copy here. There are two other guides for this site: an older BLM brochure (scanned from paper; 11 Mb PDF) and a newer BLM-Nevada Rock Art Foundation brochure (3.5 Mb PDF; note that the map is wrong).

Links to Area Map and Site Map.

Ash Springs Archaeological Site
The route occasionally is marked with diamond-shaped trail markers


Ash Springs Rock Art is located in the Pahranagat Valley, about 100 miles north of Las Vegas on Highway 93.

From town, drive north on Interstate 15 to US Highway 93 (Table 1, Site 0674). Exit onto Highway 93 and drive north past Alamo to the "town" of Ash Springs. After entering the 45 mph speed limit zone but before getting to "town," make a hard right turn (Site 1093) onto the first dirt road to the right.

The turnoff is nearly a U-turn, but then the dirt road angles away from the highway to the east. The road is blocked by a barbed-wire gate (Site 1094). Open the barbed-wire gate, drive through, and close it behind you. Proceed a minute or two farther to what appears to be a fork in the road. The "left fork" is the parking area (Site 1094), which is adjacent to the sign-in register.

Ash Springs Archaeological Site
Each site is numbered; most have a numbered figurine, but some only have the rebar post.


The area is always open, but it probably should be considered day-use only. There are no established camping areas.



Note: In this area, gasoline is available only in Alamo and Ash Springs.

Ash Springs Archaeological Site

The Hike

From the metal sign-in register (Table 2, Waypoint M1), the route (there is no established trail) turns to the right and heads northeast. Look for a diamond-shaped route marker. Marker #2 (Wpt. M02) is only 45 feet from the sign-in register, so don't walk too far if you miss it, and Marker #3 (Wpt. M03) is only 110 feet from the sign-in register. Each marker indicates a site with petroglyphs.

From Marker #3 (Wpt. M03), the route turns north and runs through a series of marked boulders to Marker #8 (Wpt. M08). From there, the route makes a long run to the west, past a split boulder (Marker #10; Wpt. M10), to a set of boulders just across an old dirt road Marker #11 (Wpt. M11).

Ash Springs Archaeological Site

From Marker #11 (Wpt. M11), the route follows the old road southeast. Marker #12 (Wpt. M12) is adjacent to Marker #11, then Markers #13-15 are along the old road. Marker #16 (Wpt. M16) is behind the Marker 13-15 boulders.

From Marker #16 (Wpt. M16), the route makes a long run to the southwest, crossing the entrance road, to a set of boulders about 70 feet past the road (Marker #17; Wpt. M17). The route then loops back and recrosses the access road to a boulder on the far edge of the road (Marker #18; Wpt. M18). After visiting boulder #18, the route follows the access road back to the trailhead (Marker #1; Wpt. M01).

When leaving the area, be sure to visit Ash Spring, proper, to get a better perspective on why native peoples choose to live in this area during winter.

Ash Springs
Highway 93 at turnoff (view north)
Ash Springs
Trailhead Parking (sign is just out of view; view east)
Ash Springs Archaeological Site
Site Marker
Ash Springs Archaeological Site
register at the parking area
Ash Springs Archaeological Site Ash Springs Archaeological Site
Ash Springs Archaeological Site Ash Springs Archaeological Site
Ash Springs Archaeological Site Ash Springs Archaeological Site
Ash Springs Archaeological Site
Ash Springs Archaeological Site
Bighorn Sheep
Ash Springs Archaeological Site
Be sure to close the wire gate
Ash Springs Archaeological Site
Ash Spring, now closed, was a delightful swim.

Table 1. Highway Coordinates based on GPS data (NAD27; UTM Zone 11S). Download Highway GPS Waypoints (*.gpx) file.

Site # Location UTM Easting UTM Northing Latitude (N) Longitude (W) Elevation (ft) Verified
1093 Ash Spring Petros Turnoff 659834 4147187 37.45959 115.19282 3,606 GPS
1094 Ash Spring Petros Gate 660065 4147047 37.45829 115.19024 3,665 GPS
1095 Ash Spring Petros Parking 660205 4146968 37.45756 115.18867 3,686 GPS

Table 2. Hiking Coordinates based on GPS data (NAD27; UTM Zone 11S). Download Hiking GPS Waypoints (*.gpx) file.

Wpt. Location UTM Easting UTM Northing Elevation (ft) Point-to-Point Distance (mi) Cumulative Distance (mi) Verified
M01 Marker 01 (sign-in register) 660204 4146972 3,683 0 0.00 GPS
M02 Marker 02 660214 4146982 3,691 0.01 0.01 GPS
M03 Marker 03 660233 4146987 3,692 0.01 0.02 GPS
M04 Marker 04 660231 4147006 3,702 0.02 0.04 GPS
M05 Marker 05 660237 4147013 3,703 0.01 0.05 GPS
M06 Marker 06 660239 4147025 3,702 0.01 0.06 GPS
M07 Marker 07 660235 4147034 3,696 0.01 0.07 GPS
M08 Marker 08 660237 4147050 3,694 0.01 0.08 GPS
M09 Marker 09 660217 4147061 3,694 0.02 0.10 GPS
M10 Marker 10 660173 4147058 3,688 0.03 0.13 GPS
M11 Marker 11 660107 4147062 3,665 0.04 0.17 GPS
M12 Marker 12 660117 4147054 3,666 0.01 0.18 GPS
M13 Marker 13 660142 4147012 3,675 0.03 0.21 GPS
M14 Marker 14 660143 4147006 3,676 0.01 0.22 GPS
M15 Marker 15 660148 4146999 3,675 0.01 0.23 GPS
M16 Marker 16 660137 4147004 3,673 0.01 0.24 GPS
M17 Marker 17 660082 4146974 3,664 0.04 0.28 GPS
M18 Marker 18 660123 4146988 3,676 0.03 0.31 GPS
M01 Marker 01 (sign-in register) 660204 4146972 3,683 0.06 0.37 GPS

Happy Hiking! All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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