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Logan Canyon Road Campsite
Hiking Around Las Vegas, Basin and Range National Monument
Logan Road Campsite


There are no developed campgrounds in Basin and Range National Monument, in fact no facilities of any kind, but primitive camping is legal everywhere along existing roads and trails, and there are a number of traditional campsites scattered throughout the area.

The Logan Canyon Road Campsites, outside the southeast edge of the National Monument on BLM land and inside the National Monument, provide campers with a variety of primitive options. The road tends to be better lower down, but the more isolated campsites are farther up the road. With a sturdy vehicle, consider camping atop Logan Pass.

One of the nicer campsite along this road it the Shaman Knob Campsite. Pack it in - Pack it out.

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Logan Road Campsite Logan Road Campsite
Logan Road Campsite Logan Road Campsite
Logan Road Campsite Logan Road Campsite
Logan Canyon Road Campsite Logan Canyon Road Campsite

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