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Boat Beach
Hiking Around Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park
Boat Beach

Boat Beach

Bright Angel Creek pours cool, clear water into the often muddy Colorado River, making this an important place for residents and visitors over the millennia to stop and get clean water. As with other people using this area, rafters haul out at Boat Beach for the fresh water (and of course, the many amenities at Phantom Ranch tourist camp some 0.7 miles by trail from the beach).

Boat Beach can be packed with inflatable rafts and swimmers during the river-running season.

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South Kaibab -- Boat Beach trail junction (view W)

Sign at trail junction to Boat Beach (view W)

Hikers at Boat Beach information sign (view W)

River-Runners hauled out at Boat Beach (view W)

Boat Beach information sign (view NW; heading towards Phantom)
Boat Beach
Boat Beach (view W from South Kaibab Trail)
Boat Beach
Boat Beach (view W from Black Bridge)
Boat Beach
Boat Beach (view N from River Trail)

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