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Anniversary Peak
Hiking Around Las Vegas, Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Anniversary Peak
Anniversary Peak
Route up hillside from near main wash (view E)


This great hike starts by hiking 2.7 miles up through the Lovell Wash Narrows, perhaps the most scenic narrows in all of southern Nevada. The route then runs for another 2 miles following washes through red and white mud hills. Leaving the wash, the route ascends a ridge to a saddle with grand views out over the Bowl of Fire, perhaps the most scenic red sandstone in southern Nevada. Finally, the route follows a narrow rocky ridge to the summit with grand views out over the desert and Lake Mead.

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Anniversary Peak
Route leave main wash through cleft (view E)

Watch Out

Other than the standard warnings about hiking in the desert, ...this is an old mining district. While mines are inherently interesting, they are always dangerous. It is never safe to go into old mines. If you go into a mine, don't touch anything, watch for holes in the floor, and if there is rubble on the floor, assume that it fell from the roof and get out. Be sure to review the standard warnings about holes in the ground. If rain threatens, don't hike in the narrows because a flash flood could ruin your whole day.

While not particularly dangerous, there are places on the summit ridge where you could fall a long ways.

Anniversary Peak
Hikers on gentle slopes beyond ditch (view NW)

While hiking, please respect the land and the other people out there, and try to Leave No Trace of your passage. Also, this hike is fairly short, so just bring what you need of the 10 Essentials.

Getting to the Trailhead

This hike is located along Northshore Road in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, about 45 minutes northeast of Las Vegas. From town, drive out to Lake Mead, then drive north on Northshore Road to the Mile 16.0 (Anniversary) Trailhead.

Anniversary Peak
Hiker climbing ridge below saddle (view NW)

The Hike

From the 2WD trailhead (Table 2, Waypoint 01), either walk or drive up Road 94a, which turns out of Callville Wash and runs northwest towards the hills. From the 4WD parking area (Wpt. 02), follow Road 94a down into Lovell Wash, turn right, and hike upstream all the way through the narrows. For details on this section of the hike, see the Lovell Wash Narrows hike. It is possible that hikers can drive all the way to the mouth of the narrows.

Upstream from the narrows (Wpt. 06), the canyon opens into a broad valley that runs northeast for a few miles into the Muddy Mountains. The route follows the wash upstream to a major fork (Wpt. 07), then turns east into the right fork (Wpt. 08), which bends back to the north.

Shortly, the route passes a narrow side wash on the right (Wpt. 09). The side wash provides an alternate route, but it is narrow, winding, and slower. Perhaps consider this on the way down.

Anniversary Peak
Hiker climbing towards saddle (view SE)

The route runs northward up the main wash. The route passes a smaller side wash on the left (Wpt. 10; stay right) and arrives at a side wash on the right the comes through a cleft in the canyon wall (Wpt. 11).

The route turns right and climbs through the cleft heading northeast. Near the top of this cleft, the route turns right again (Wpt. 12), out of the wash, and onto a bench above the wash.

The route continues generally east and crosses a 30-ft deep gully (Wpt. 14). This is the wash that flows to the alternate route passed earlier (Wpt. 09).

The route continues east and climbs a ridge that runs up to a saddle (Wpt. 16). The views are grand at the saddle, and this is a good place to stop for hikers who don't want to climb the peak.

Anniversary Peak
Hikers relaxing on saddle (view NE)

Continuing, from the saddle (Wpt. 16), the route turns south and runs up the summit ridge to the peak (Wpt. 17). The view from the peak is about as good as it gets in the Lake Mead region.

From the summit, consider retracing the route to the saddle and back down to the gully. At the 30-foot-deep canyon, turn downstream and follow that wash back to the main canyon for some interesting variety.

Alternatively, hikers can continue south, making a big loop returning to the trailhead by the highway.

Anniversary Peak
Bowl of Fire from the saddle (view E)
Anniversary Peak
Hiker coming up summit ridge (view N)
Anniversary Peak
Summit Ridge (view S)
Anniversary Peak
Hiker on summit (view S across Lake Mead)

Table 2. Hiking Coordinates Based on GPS Data (NAD27, UTM Zone 11S). Download GPS Waypoints (*.gpx) file.

Wpt. Location UTM Easting UTM Northing Elevation (ft) Point-to-Point Distance (mi) Cumulative Distance (mi) Verified
01 Trailhead (2WD parking) 708260 4008220 1,653 . . GPS
02 End of Road (4WD parking) 706291 4009754 1,891 . . GPS
06 Top of the Narrows 706955 4011051 2,139 0.00 0.00 GPS
07 Wash Forks 707224 4011302 2,148 0.33 0.33 GPS
08 Wash 707318 4011308 2,161 0.06 0.39 GPS
09 Side Wash 707323 4011425 2,161 0.08 0.47 GPS
10 Wash Forks 707479 4012057 2,260 0.49 0.96 GPS
11 Leave Main Wash 707591 4012182 2,256 0.12 1.08 GPS
12 Leave Side Wash 707691 4012247 2,279 0.08 1.16 GPS
13 Edge of Gully 707886 4012329 2,375 0.16 1.32 GPS
14 Bottom of Gully 707901 4012312 2,343 0.02 1.34 GPS
15 Exit Gully 707932 4012315 2,359 0.02 1.36 GPS
16 Saddle 708333 4011873 2,808 0.42 1.78 GPS
17 Summit 708243 4011606 3,045 0.20 1.98 GPS

Happy Hiking! All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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