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Northshore Mile 16.0 (Anniversary Narrows) Trailhead
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Anniversary Narrows Trailhead
Anniversary Narrows Trailhead

Horthshore Mile 16.0 (Anniversary Narrows) Trailhead is located at Mile Marker 16 along Northshore Road in Lake Mead National Recreation Area (north side of Lake Mead), about 45 minutes northeast of Las Vegas.

From town, drive out to Lake Mead. From the intersection of Northshore Road and Lakeshore Road (Table 1, Site 0654), drive north on Northshore Road to Mile Marker 16 (Site 0782), which is 4.7 miles east of the turnoff to Callville Bay. At Mile Marker 16, turn left (north, upstream) onto Callville Wash North Road (Road 94), which is unpaved. Drive north about 200 feet to where the dirt road gets pinched between low cliffs on the right and the berm on the left that keeps flash floods off the highway (Site 1061). Park here; this is the two 2WD trailhead.

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Anniversary Narrows Trailhead

For hikers with high clearance or 4WD vehicles, consider driving up Callville Wash North Road for a total of 0.2 miles to the intersection with Anniversary Mine Road (Road 94a; Site 0784). Turn left out of the wash and onto Road 94a. Continue 1.4 miles to the 4WD trailhead (Site 1061), a wide spot in the road overlook Lovell Wash. Park here; this is the traditional 4WD trailhead.

As of October 2012, the washout at the edge of Callville Wash (just beyond the 2WD parking area) has been fixed, and Anniversary Mine Road is drivable all the way to the mouth of the narrows because mining activity is keeping it open, but conditions surely will change over time.

Anniversary Narrows Trailhead provides access to the Anniversary Mine area, Anniversary Narrows (Lovell Canyon Narrows), the Bowl of Fire Southwest, Bowl of Fire North, Callville Wash Road North, and Callville Wash Road South.

Anniversary Narrows Trailhead Anniversary Narrows Trailhead
Anniversary Narrows Trailhead
Dropping into Callville Wash
Anniversary Narrows Trailhead
Dropping into Callville Wash
Anniversary Narrows Trailhead
Getting back out of Callville Wash
Anniversary Narrows Trailhead
Callville Wash Road North
Anniversary Narrows Trailhead
Traditional 4WD parking
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Table 1. Highway Coordinates (NAD27; UTM Zone 11S). Download Highway GPS Waypoints (*.gpx) file.

Site Location Latitude (°N) Longitude (°W) UTM Easting UTM Northing Elevation (feet) Verified
0654 Lakeshore Rd at Northshore Rd 36.10951 114.89872 689139 3997939 1,545 Yes
0782 Northshore at Callville Wash N 36.19647 114.68622 708039 4008021 1,673 Yes
0784 Callville Wash N Rd at Rd 94a 36.19822 114.68371 708260 4008220 1,693 Yes
0785 Lovell Wash 4WD Trailhead 36.21235 114.70517 706294 4009742 1,936 Yes
1061 Anniversary Narrows 2WD Trailhead 36.19709 114.68606 708052 4008089 1,706 GPS

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