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Plane Spotting Around Las Vegas
Aircraft Around Las Vegas
Plane Spotting Around Las Vegas

Information about plane spotting wouldn't normally fit on a website about birding and hiking around Las Vegas, but with Nellis Air Force Base, Creech Air Force Base, the Nevada Test Site, the Tonopah Test Range, Area 51, and thousands of tourists flying into McCarran, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City airports everyday, there are so many things flying around the skies that they become a part of outdoor life around Las Vegas. If you don't know them, they become an intrusion into your solitude; but if you do, they add interest to the sky -- and there is always the chance of seeing something wild.

Plane Spotting Locations Around Las Vegas
Plane Spotting Around Las Vegas
Nellis Air Force Base. Pilots learn to fly fighters, helicopters, bombers, tankers, and stealth aircraft here. Nellis is the best place to see military aircraft around Las Vegas, plus they host the annual Aviation Nation Air Show.
Creech Air Force Base (formerly Indian Springs AFB). Pilots learn to fly drone aircraft here. Most drones flown overseas are piloted from here.
Three Lakes Playa. Bombing range visible from highway; watch fighters and artillery attack targets on the dry lake.
McCarran Airport. Typical international airport. Watch jets, big and small, and even a few prop airplanes, land and take off from a plane-spotting area.
North Las Vegas Airport. Typical small airport with small jets, prop planes, and helicopters. Lots of air activity from flight schools, tourist flights, and police helicopters.
Boulder City Municipal Airport. Typical small city airport with small jets, prop planes, and skydivers.
Henderson Executive Airport. Typical small city airport with small jets and prop planes. They say the rich and famous use this airport to avoid the crowds.
Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Overlooks. Scenic overlooks echo with the drone of helicopters and fixed-wing tourist flights.
El Dorado Dry Lake. Usually barren and dry, ultralight and other nonstandard aircraft use the dry lakebed.
Jean Airport. Small town airport just south of Las Vegas. Mostly prop planes, also gliders and skydiving.

Note: All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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