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McCullough Hills Trailhead
Hiking Around Las Vegas, Sloan Canyon NCA
McCullough Hills Trailhead

McCullough Hills Trailhead (view SW)

McCullough Hills Trailhead (Table 1, Site 1207) is located on the northeast edge of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area (NCA). From downtown, drive south on Highway 93/95 to Horizon Drive (towards the southeast edge of Henderson). Exit the highway and turn right onto Horizon Drive. Drive west a few yards on Horizon Drive to East Horizon Ridge Parkway. Turn left onto East Horizon Ridge Parkway and drive south 0.9 miles to East Mission Drive. Turn right onto East Mission Drive and drive west 0.6 miles to near the end of the pavement. Turn left into the trailhead parking area, which is defined by boulders (Table 1, Site 1207). Park here, this is the trailhead.

This trailhead provides access to trails leading into Sloan Canyon NCA, including the McCullough Hills Trail.

Link to Trailhead Map.

Located at the intersection of Mission and Roseholm (view NW)

McCullough Hills Trailhead sign (view SW)
Sloan Canyon boundary sign
E. Mission, approaching the trailhead parking, on the left (view W)

E. Mission at trailhead parking, on the left (view SW)
McCullough Hills Trailhead
Trailhead parking (view NW)

Picnic table and drinking water (view W)

Information kiosk

Information kiosk sign (view S)

Information kiosk sign (view S)

Trash can and start of McCullough Hills Trail

Boulder with sign (view W)

Sign on boulder (view W)
Start of the trail (view S)

Horse parking (view NW)
McCullough Hills Trailhead
Horse trail departs directly from horse parking area (view NW)
McCullough Hills Trailhead
Restroom (view W)
McCullough Hills Trailhead
Restroom, interior (view W)
McCullough Hills Trailhead
Restroom, interior; fairly clean and flush toilet (view W)
more to come
More to come ...

Table 1. Highway Coordinates based on GPS data (NAD27; UTM Zone 11S). Download Highway GPS Waypoints (*.gpx) file.

Site # Location UTM Easting UTM Northing Latitude (N) Longitude (W) Elevation (ft) Verified
1207 McCullough Hills Trailhead 680503 3985394 35.99812 114.99747 2,507 GPS

Happy Hiking! All distances, elevations, and other facts are approximate.
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