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Sloan Canyon Petroglyphs
sloan canyon


In Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, petroglyphs are concentrated in the Petroglyph Canyon gallery about 1.8 miles south of the Sloan Canyon Trailhead. The area is most easily accessed using the BLM 100 Trail (Petroglyph Canyon Trail) from the Sloan Canyon Trailhead, but this trail requires some minimal 3rd-class scrambling.

Other trails and trailheads can be used (e.g., BLM 300 Trail), but for people simply wishing to avoid the scrambling, the BLM 200 Trail provides a bypass that is a bit longer but requires no scrambling.

When visiting petroglyph sites, exercise the utmost in care to protect the artwork for your children and grandchildren. Don't touch the artwork because hand-oils damage them. Report vandalism to the BLM (Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area) or just call 911.

Sloan Canyon Petroglyphs Low-canyon Petroglyphs. Rock art below the main gallery
Sloan Canyon Petroglyph Main Gallery Petroglyphs - 1. Photos of petroglyphs and other artwork on the east side of Sloan Canyon Wash.
BLM 300 Trail Main Gallery Petroglyphs - 2. Photos of petroglyphs and other artwork on the west side of Sloan Canyon Wash.
Sloan Canyon Petroglyph Upper Sloan Canyon. Petroglyphs are sprinkled around, mostly on boulders, in upper areas of Sloan Canyon NCA.
Sloan CanyonCanyon Overview (view NE) Sloan Canyon
Canyon Overview (view E)
Sloan Canyon
Canyon Overview (view NW)
Sloan Canyon
Canyon Overview (view W)
Sloan Canyon
Many of the rock are marked (view NE)
Sloan Canyon
Some of the rock are marked (view N)

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